When summer comes around, there’s no better time than now to invest in a solar pool heater. The long hours of sunshine providing an economic and environmentally friendly method to keep your pool warm!

One of the first things to consider is, is this affordable? UMA Solar can put you in touch with a dealer to discuss various pricing options that are tailored specifically to you. This is because the price can vary on many different factors. Pool size for instance – the larger the area, the more solar panels will be needed to provide a well-heated pool. Another factor affecting price is what system is currently in place and also where you’re located. But don’t worryUMA Solar will consider all these factors when providing a quote, so find a dealer now.

Maintenance Costs Of A Solar Pool Heater

After the initial installation of the solar panels, the maintenance costs are next to nothing! So in this sense, the solar panel heating will far from break the bank because once the installation has happened—you have minimal costs left to pay whilst saving money on electricity too! Also, by ensuring that the solar pool heater panels are professionally installed, this increases efficiency and therefore will save you money by reducing the chance of needing future repair.

By making the decision to invest in a warranty for your solar pool heater panels, this ensures that all labor costs are covered if you were to incur any problems. By weighing up the costs you save once the heaters are installed and the cost you pay for installation, it really can be a huge benefit to your bank balance!

SunStar – A No-Hassle Solution

SunStar offers state-of-the-art panels that drive maximum efficiency with no maintenance! So, if you’re looking to heat your pool with no hassle, then SunStar will let you enjoy your pool even more. The panels have a minimal connection to the roof, meaning they “float” just above the roof allowing room to breathe whilst staying clean. A SunStar system can be used commercially or for home pools and provides a great return on investment.

Organizations can clearly see a return within three years due to the distinct, sleek panel design. Not only that, but the panels are freeze-resistant which is great for the winter so you don’t need to worry about the weather causing problems! Find out more about SunStar and how it will work for you over on our website.

If SunStar isn’t for you but you’re still looking for an economic way to heat your pool, UMA Solar also offer SunValue. This slim, lightweight design makes installation easy but providing efficient and reliable results!

For more information on solar pool heater panels that are affordable and reliable, check out the UMA website.

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