Heating your swimming pool will mean longer swim seasons for you and your whole family. But, depending on the system you choose to heat your pool, you might be spending more money than you need. Solar pool heating systems are your solution to lowering your costs. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, so you’ll be helping the environment while you save!

Savings are great, but knowing why and how you’re saving money is even better. Here are some of the major advantages of investing in solar panel pool heating systems and how they save you money.

Lower Monthly Costs = More Annual Savings

Solar pool heaters cost a fraction of what propane and electric heaters will run you. Gas heaters can cost an average of $1,700 per year, with electric coming in at $840 per year. But solar only costs you $70 per year—that’s a huge chunk of change back into your wallet!

Landscaped backyard with a pool using solar pool heating systemsSolar pool heating systems use the sun’s natural and radiant energy, so the only price you pay every month is the cost of running your pump. Think of it as using what’s already available all around you. Because solar is so low-cost, a solar pool heater can pay for itself in three years.

Solar energy is the ideal solution to lower your monthly pool heating costs. When you compare it to gas or electric pool heaters, which still cost hundreds of dollars a month to operate, you’ll maximize your savings and your swim season. With solar, you aren’t paying for fossil fuels, just whatever it takes to run your pump.


Efficiency and Durability Make for Quicker ROI

Gas pool heaters use fossil fuels in order to operate. They specifically use propane or natural gas to heat the water. When you use a gas heater, you’re not just paying for the upfront cost, but you’re also committing to higher utility costs every month and the eventual maintenance costs of keeping your heater running. That adds up, especially if you want to extend your swim season into the colder months. The more heat you need to add to your pool, the more fuel you’ll use in the process.

Unlike conventional heaters, solar pool heaters have no operating costs associated with them. The sun will always be warming your pool to some extent. With solar pool heaters, the panels are collecting energy from the sun and, in a way, amplifying the sun’s heat. Pool water is gradually heated inside of the solar collectors by the sun’s natural energy, not by propane or natural gas.

About 75 percent of a pool water’s heat is lost to evaporation. Replacing that heat would be costly with a conventional heater. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. If you add a solar cover, it stops evaporation and it’s much quicker to heat your pool water in conjunction with your solar pool heating system. You’re maximizing efficiency while lowering your carbon footprint.

To top off its benefits, solar systems can last up to 20 years or longer, with minimal maintenance and cleaning required. All you need to do is clean the panels with soap and water to keep them in tip-top shape.

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Now Is the Best Time to Go Solar

Time is of the essence if you want to save money on your pool heating. You’ll also be able to install your pool heater before the summer really kicks off. You’ll enjoy a much longer pool season at a fraction of the cost of using a gas or electric pool heater. Plus, you’ll see an increase in your property values when you install a solar pool heating system.

Solar pool heating systems, in general, have the advantage over other conventional pool heating systems because they use naturally-occurring energy at zero extra cost. On top of that, they don’t suffer the same wear-and-tear as a gas heater.

You’d only really want to use a gas or electric heater if you don’t use your pool frequently. However, if you’d like to enjoy a longer swim season, a solar pool heating system will pay for itself in lowered utility costs and durability.


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