UMA Solar is a leading distributor of solar thermal, solar electric, energy storage systems and pool heat pumps. From residential homes to large-scale commercial projects, we offer the most efficient, quality solar solutions available.

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Solar Pool Heating

Extend your swim season, save on energy costs, increase your property value and shrink your carbon footprint with a solar pool heater. We offer a variety of high-quality and affordable solar pool heating systems that provide a tremendous return on investment.


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Solar Electric

Solar energy systems for the home are an excellent way to lower your utility costs and help the environment by supplementing or replacing your existing home electricity. Recoup installation costs in as little as 5-7 years and enjoy minimal maintenance and upkeep.


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Other Products

UMA is more than just solar panels. Enjoy the benefits of renewable energy throughout your home with our selection of pool components, attic fans and more.


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