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Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heater Panels on a Roof
Environmentally Friendly

Solar pool heating systems leverage the sun’s natural energy to warm your pool, emitting no air pollution and reducing your carbon footprint in the process!


Backed by a lifetime-limited warranty, UMA Solar’s solar pool heating panels are built to last 20+ years and require no recurring maintenance.

No Operating Costs

After your initial investment for installation and materials, a solar pool heater pays for itself over time.

Longer Pool Seasons

Self-contained solar pool heating systems continuously cycle warm water so you can enjoy your pool all year long!

Increase Property Value

With a rising demand for solar home upgrades, investing in solar pool heating can amplify the value of your home!

Keep Your Pool Warmer

Solar pool heating systems efficiently heat water as it moves up through the panel and flows back into your pool warmed and ready for you to enjoy.


No internal controls, wiring or moving parts. Solar pool heating systems can stand up to a wide range of pH and pool water chemistry.


A solar pool heating system will typically pay for itself within three years, compared to a new gas or electric pool heater installation.

Amplify the laws of nature

How Solar Pool Heating Works

If you want to extend your swim season, lower your energy costs, increase your property value and shrink your carbon footprint, a solar pool heater is a worthwhile investment! But first, how do solar pool heaters work?

The heat from the sun will always warm the water in your pool to a certain extent. Solar pool heaters harness the sun’s energy instead of using costly fuel (like gas and electric heaters) to enhance this natural effect using your existing pump.

Here’s how solar pool heating works:

  • Your pool water is directed through a series of valves to your solar collectors.
  • Water enters collectors through the bottom and rises to the top through individual tubes.
  • As the water gradually rises, it’s heated by the sun’s natural and radiant energy.
  • The heated water returns to the pool and repeats the cycle until your pool has been warmed to your desired temperature.
  • Jump in! (Or just dip your toes in, if you’re that kind of swimmer.)


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Reliable, Efficient and Durable

How Solar Compares to Gas and Electric

With gas and electric pool heating systems, you use more fuel and release more emissions compared to using a solar pool heater. When you install a solar pool heater, you can enjoy an added 10-13° to your pool’s water for a longer swim season without worrying about costs or air pollution. You’ll actually be lowering your energy costs compared to gas or electric pool heaters.

On top of that, our solar pool heater panels are built to last. It’s not uncommon for panels to actually outlast the roof they’re installed on. A recent study² showed that 80% of solar panels will last longer than their warranty and they require little to no recurring maintenance.

Increasing house prices and lowered energy costs eventually cancel out the upfront costs of installing your solar pool heating system— not to mention that some states may offer subsidies or tax breaks for solar energy.

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A smart investment

How Much Does Solar Pool Heating Cost?

If you’re wondering about the cost of a solar pool heater, don’t worry. We’ll do the math for you. A gas heat pump can cost upwards of $1,500 per year! Electric heat pumps average in at half that cost — approximately $840 per year. Annual costs to heat your pool can add up quickly if you use gas or electric heating options. That’s not the case with a solar pool heater!

With our solar pool heating systems, the only cost to your utility bill is the price of running a pool pump (less than $75 per year).¹Compared to an electric or gas heat pump, your solar polar heater can pay for itself within three years. Plus, some states offer subsidies or tax breaks for investing in solar energy and installing a solar pool heating system can increase your property value!

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Save Even More With the

Eco-Energy Bundle

Going solar is a big investment — that’s why we created Eco-Energy Solutions!

With UMA Solar, you can bundle your solar pool heating with your home’s solar electric system for optimal energy and cost savings.

Check out our solar savings comparison and see how much you could save by bundling your PV system with a solar pool heater!

Downloadable Eco-Energy Comparison Flyer


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Common Questions

Why Choose Solar Pool Heating?

How does solar pool heating work?

Solar pool heating systems enhance the natural effect of the sun heating the water in your pool with three basic components: a panel, a pump and a filter. A pump, usually your existing pool pump, pushes water through a filter to strain leaves and debris. Water is then pumped into a solar panel mounted on your roof, porch, fence, or any other location with good sun exposure (optimally facing south in North America).

The water is substantially heated as it moves through the panel and it flows back into your pool, warming the water. Unlike solar water heaters for indoor use, solar pool heaters do not require a storage tank. Your pool provides all the storage required.

To learn more about solar pool heating, explore our blog.

What components make up a solar pool heating system?

Every component of our solar pool heating systems is manufactured with surgical-grade plastic. Using a unique injection over-molding process, our patented and specially-engineered components are designed to be part of a safe, maintenance-free solar pool heating system.

To learn more about the technical specifications and components of our solar pool heating systems, browse our products.

What’s the most efficient solar panel system for our commercial pool?

Solar panel system efficiency can vary between different combinations of pool size and where your business is located. Some of the top locations in the United States to invest in solar are New Jersey, Nevada, Massachusetts, Florida, California and Arizona. UMA Solar will help you connect with a dealer to discuss your situation.

Where can I find more information about solar pool heating products?

To find more information about solar panels, browse our supported solar pool heating brands. If you’re ready to make an order, contact us to be connected with a dealer.

Costs of Solar Pool Heating

Where can I get a quote for solar pool heating equipment?

To get an equipment quote, contact us and we’ll connect you with a dealer.

How much would it cost to supplement my current pool heating system with solar panels?

The cost of adding solar panels to your current pool heating system can vary between different combinations of pool size, what system you have and even where you live. Some states offer subsidies³ or tax breaks for homeowners looking to invest in solar energy. You can browse our blog for even more information about the cost and savings of a solar pool heating system.

UMA Solar will help you connect with a dealer to discuss pricing options.

Are there any additional or ongoing expenses that come with solar pool heating systems?

With the proper installation of your solar pool heating system, maintenance costs are practically non-existent. A professionally installed solar pool heating system will also operate at its highest efficiency and save money by reducing future repairs. Our systems will often outlast the roofs that the panels are installed on, making them reliable and flexible for your needs.

Additionally, you can be sure that your system will meet the requirements to qualify for warranty. All labor costs are included in the warranty when the system is installed by an authorized dealer.

To learn more about the costs of solar pool heating, connect with a dealer today.

pool with a green inner tube on a sunny day

Solar Pool Heating System Installation

Can I install solar panels on a metal roof?

Installing solar panels on a metal roof is possible, but can be a challenging DIY project. Browse our blog for tips about solar pool heating or connect with a dealer to discuss your unique situation.

What should I expect from a solar pool heating site visit?

A site visit from an authorized solar pool heating system dealer is a critical step in the solar installation process. Every installation presents the contractor with unique challenges and advantages. Our highly-trained solar professionals will evaluate your property for the most suitable and cost-effective solution to maximize your satisfaction. After a site visit, you’ll have a clear idea of how and where your solar system will be installed, what expected costs will be and what you can expect to save.

To schedule a site visit, contact a dealer today.

Can I DIY my solar pool heating system installation?

While some home improvement projects are ideal for DIY, other projects are best left to trained professionals. A solar pool heating system installation — which involves roof heights, water and large materials — is one of those projects.

Not only are you protected from liability when using a professional, licensed and insured contractor, but a professionally installed solar pool heater will also operate at its highest efficiency and save money by reducing future repairs. Additionally, you can be sure that your system will meet the requirements to qualify for warranty. All labor costs are included in the warranty when the system is installed by an authorized dealer.

Our authorized dealers are part of a nationwide network of hundreds of handpicked professionals with the training and experience to provide the highest quality installation and service in the industry. The combined experience of these dealers, coupled with our strategically located U.S. distribution centers, ensures rapid and continuous support for the lifetime of your system.

To connect with an authorized dealer, contact UMA Solar today.

Solar Pool Heating Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements

Where can I purchase spare parts for my solar panels?

To purchase replacement parts for your solar panels, contact us and we’ll connect you with a dealer.

Will it be more expensive to repair or replace part of my damaged pool heating system?

Depending on which part is damaged, the cost of repair or replacement can vary. UMA Solar will help you connect with a dealer to discuss pricing options.

What kind of maintenance needs should I expect from a solar pool heating system?

A properly installed solar heating system requires little, or no, maintenance. Unlike other manufacturers — which use rubber hoses and metal clamps to connect their panels together — our systems are connected with a patented plastic panel clamp.

Rubber hoses require maintenance every six months and metal clamps rust and stain the roof. Our plastic clamps never require maintenance or replacement, never rust and are guaranteed against leaking.

This rugged design and reliability make maintenance costs practically non-existent on a solar pool heating system. As a precaution, simply check your solar heating system for proper operation at the beginning of each swimming season, particularly if it has an automatic controller.

To learn more about the maintenance of solar pool heating systems, explore our blog.


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¹ Based on a 1,000 SF, uncovered outdoor pool in Atlanta, GA heating to 78º between April 1 and October 31. Figures provided by the U.S. Department of Energy website: www.energysavers.gov

² Jordan, D. C., & Kurtz, S. R. (2012). Photovoltaic Degradation Rates — An Analytical Review. Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 21, 1–30. Retrieved from https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy12osti/51664.pdf

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