What is the cost of solar pool heating? One of the main reasons that solar pool heating is so popular is that the operating costs are very low. Once installed, a solar pool heating system can cost as little as a dollar a day to run if used correctly.

For this reason, many people choose solar pool heating solutions over gas and heat pump pool heating. By switching to a solar pool heater, you can dramatically reduce swimming pool heating costs and therefore better manage the overall costs associated with running a swimming pool. Solar pool heating is often the most cost-effective and energy-efficient form of pool heating, depending on your climate.

If you’re still wondering, “is solar pool heating worth it?”, take a deeper look at the operating costs of solar pool heating below.

Why Is Solar Pool Heating So Cost-Effective?

In short, the reason solar pool heating is the most cost-effective method in many climates is that it harnesses the sun’s natural energy in order to generate heat. In this sense, the energy source is free—meaning that it’s better for the environment and your wallet.

Solar pool heating is very simple and uses a solar collector to circulate pool water and allow it to be heated by the sun’s energy. With a pump that circulates water through the filter and collector and back into the pool and a flow control valve that pushes the water through the solar collector, the mechanism itself is low-cost to run. Once the panels and the system are up and running, solar energy is virtually cost-free.

What Is the Cost of Solar Pool Heating?

Are you wondering what the real solar pool heater cost is? The good news is that the cost of solar pool heating is very low and the energy itself is essentially free. However, while the cost of the energy is low, it does depend on the amount of sun you’re getting and the energy required to run the pump. The controller will need to turn your solar pump on and off, and this is essentially the only operating cost—which is estimated to be around or less than a dollar.

Why Choose Solar Pool Heating?

The main reason people choose to heat their pool using solar energy is because of the savings associated with it. Almost all of the costs of solar pool heating systems almost are upfront, which means that once the solar panels are set up, your pool will be heated by the sun’s energy almost cost-free.

Buying and installing the solar pool heating system is what costs money. However, due to the nature of the product, it doesn’t take long to make the money back in savings and increased house value.

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