When it comes to choosing solar power vs. electricity, many people are skeptical of the benefits compared to an electric heat pump or heating system. However, solar systems have come a long, long way in recent years and now can seriously compete with the more traditional electric methods. Not only will you be helping the environment when you go solar, but you’ll also be potentially saving money and adding value to your home in the long run. 

So, before you think about investing in some top-of-the-range solar pool heating systems, take a look at the ways that solar systems compare to electricity for some clarity.

Why Do People Opt for Solar Power vs. Electricity?

First thing first, it’s important to ask why so many people have opted for solar power rather than using traditional electricity. Although solar equipment can be more expensive initially, the main reason that people choose solar power instead of electricity is the cost savings. Solar energy is very efficient and able to pay back the cost of installation over a number of years. In this sense, it’s an effective long term investment that pays off pretty quickly (usually around 5-7 years or less).

Not only will your energy bills be more manageable, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment too. Solar panels are an amazing way to care for the environment and lower your eco-impact. And if that wasn’t enough, the benefits also extend to repairs and maintenance with solar heating systems being very long-lasting. People often choose solar solutions as they require less day-to-day care and are more reliable than electric systems.

How Does a Solar Pool Heater Lower Energy Costs?

Solar heating systems work by running water through a solar collector that’s powered by solar panels that have gained energy from the sun. After the collector heats the water, it’s then transferred into the pool to heat it to a comfortable temperature. Conversely, using electric or gas to heat your pool is a lot less energy efficient and a lot more expensive as it uses electricity vs the sun’s energy (which is, of course, free!).

How Does Solar Energy Compare When it Comes to Cost?

If you’re looking to save money with solar panels, it depends on a few key factors such as how much sunshine you get, local electricity rates and the size of your pool or home.

Although solar energy requires an initial investment to purchase and set up, people find that solar energy is a lot less expensive than electric power in the long run due to the rising price of electricity. With electricity rates rising all the time and the national average rising already this year, solar panels will be a good investment moving forward when it comes to the question of savings with solar power vs. electricity. 

If your average monthly electricity bill is high and you’re living in an area with expensive electric or gas rates, investing in solar could be amazing for your wallet and the environment.

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