UMA Solar Pool Collectors can keep your pool at a comfortable temperature and extend your swimming season by utilizing the warmth of the sun! But how do they actually work? Let’s take a look at the basics of how solar pool heating systems function to keep your pool warm and relaxing, all season long.


The 3 Basic Components to a Solar Pool Heating System 

All solar water heaters for pools, regardless of brand, are part of a system made up of three basic components:

1: Solar Collector — These are the roof-mounted solar panels that do the actual pool heating.

2: Pool Pump — This moves the water through the system.

3: Pool Filter — This keeps your pool water clean and debris-free.


6 Steps to How Solar Powered Pool Heaters Work

1: Your pool’s pump pushes the water through a pool filter to strain out leaves and debris.

2: Your pool water is directed through a series of plumbing valves up to your solar collectors.

3: Water enters collectors through the bottom of the panel and rises to the top through individual tubes.

4: The sun’s radiant energy heats the water as it gradually rises through the solar collector tubes.

5: The now heated water is returned to your pool. This cycle then gets repeated until your pool has been warmed to your desired temperature.

6: Dive in and enjoy your comfortable, warm swimming pool!




Want to Learn More About How Solar Pool Heating Works? 

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