Have you ever wondered how solar pool heater installation works? Maybe you’ve even considered doing a DIY solar pool heater? At UMA Solar, we specialize in connecting dealers and installers of solar pool heating systems to homeowners looking for a cost-effective, greener solution to a comfortable pool. Let’s take a look at the four basic steps of how to connect solar pool heaters to your home pool.


How Are Solar Pool Heating Systems Installed?


1: Determine the Solar Collector Position

It’s important to mount the solar collectors in an area with ample sun exposure, such as a roof or fence. South-facing collectors will receive the most sunlight in the northern hemisphere; however, collectors will still gather heat and function when placed on east and west roof spaces.


2: Choose the Proper Size Solar Collector Panel

Solar collectors are manufactured in various sizes to accommodate your roof size. The total amount of solar collectors needed for ideal heating depends on several factors, including pool size, gallons of water in the pool, available roof space, average regional temperatures and collector efficiency.


3: Install the Solar CollectorMounting Hardware

UMA Solar collectors have patented mounting hardware that allows for expansion and contraction of the panels. Additionally, they are mounted at the top and bottom of the panels, resulting in fewer roof penetrations than some of the other solar pool collectors on the market.


4: Plumbing the Solar Collectors

The way your collector panels are installed depends on your chosen system. When plumbing solar pool collectors, the installer will tie the system into your existing pool filter to ensure clean/filter water flows to the collectors. Then PVC pipe is mounted to the side of the house to carry the water to the collectors on the roof with a FEED and RETURN line.



What Type of Solar Pool Heating System Should I Buy?

A homeowner has two basic options when it comes to choosing their system type: 

1: A manual control system with ball valves to turn ON and OFF the system manually

2: An auto-controlled system where temperature sensors are added to the plumbing and a digital thermostat determines when to turn ON and OFF the system, based on the set temperature. 

The type of solar pool heating system you install depends on your budget, time and personal preferences. Talk to your dealer to find a system that works for your lifestyle and pool.



Can I DIY My Solar Pool Heating System Installation?

While some home improvement projects are ideal for DIY, other projects are best left to trained professionals. A solar pool heating system installation — which involves knowledge and experience working with water, large materials and varying roof types — is one of those projects.

UMA Solar can connect you with one of the experienced professionals within our nationwide network — each fully equipped with the training and experience needed to provide the highest-quality installation and service in the industry.


Want to Learn More About Installing a Solar Pool Heater for Your Pool?

Contact UMA Solar today to find a local solar dealer and installer who can answer your questions and get you started on a journey to a comfier, cost-effective and environmentally friendly pool.