A leak in your solar pool system is no small matter. It requires immediate attention to ensure you aren’t losing too much water from your pool or allowing a leaky collector tube to fade your roof tiles or shingles to fade from the chlorinated water consistently dripping onto the same spot. If you identify a leak in your system, you must shut the system off until a professional can handle the repair properly. 

While there are many instances where solar pool system leaks can be repaired on your own, we strongly recommend hiring a trained or certified installer to handle them instead, especially when the leak is located on the roof. UMA Solar’s simple repair kit can help homeowners repair most leaks in a matter of minutes, however, inexperienced customers may be at high risk of slipping or falling off their roof, collectors, or ladders in the process.


Repairing a Solar Pool System Leak

So how is the leak repaired? If the leak appears to be coming from the PVC pipe connections, it may require cutting, cleaning, and repairing the connection with proper PVC pipe glue or cement. These leaks can happen in the “risers” from pipe to pipe or at any 90 or 45 pipe fitting. They’re typically not an issue if the pipe was cut, cleaned, and appropriately cemented at the time of installation. 

Typically, a leak in a solar pool system is a small puncture in a single tube of the collector. This requires the repair technician to block off the punctured section of the pipe. Once armed with the proper cutting tool, the appropriate set of UMA Solar plugs designed for the exact diameter of the tube, and a plug pushrod, the technician can then easily plug the tube and stop the leak.



Fixing a Leak in Your Solar Pool System 2


When to Replace Vs. Repair

If a collector requires multiple leak repairs over time, it is recommended to replace the collector entirely. If you have a pool service company, it’s a good idea to ask them to keep an eye on the risers and inform you if they see any leaks so the repairs can be handled promptly.


How Often Should I Check for Leaks in My Solar Pool System?

It’s a good idea to do a quick check during routine maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly. Solar pool system leaks don’t happen all that often, especially when you compare them to the hundreds of thousands of systems that have been installed. But when they do, it’s important to know how to handle it and what to expect. Thankfully, it’s an affordable, quick fix, and you’ll be back to enjoying your warm water swimming in no time! 

Want to learn more about handling solar pool system leaks as a homeowner? Listen to UMA Solar Radio’s episode, Homeowner Assistance – What To Do When You Spot a Solar Pool System Leak.

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