Should you invest in solar panels for your business?

Are you looking at investing in solar panels for your business? Perhaps you want to save the planet whilst creating a positive reputation for your business? There are so many benefits to having solar panels that businesses aren’t always aware of, so here are the top 3 reasons that you should invest in solar panels for your business.

You’ll save money

This is usually the most important part of installing solar panels for most business-minded individuals. Installing solar panels saves you money – it’s no longer a luxury that only planet-saving hippies invest in. The decrease in installation costs over recent years has meant that solar panels are now accessible to everyone and can save your business some serious money.

EnergySage has estimated that the average commercial property owner in the U.S. can reduce overall energy costs by 75 percent by going solar. That’s a huge saving and one that outweighs the initial installation costs over time. Not only this, but tax breaks for newly installed solar systems means that you’ll have savings on your tax bill. So, if you are looking into lowering your utility bills, then solar powered energy could be for you.

You’ll help save the planet

Perhaps the most compelling of the reasons after cost.

Solar energy was invented to save the planet by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and increasing the amount of renewable energy we use to power our systems. By using energy powered by the sun, we reduce the burning of fossil fuels thereby reducing air pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases that damage the environment.

If you want to ensure that you’re doing the most that you can to help the environment, then investing in solar panels is a great idea. Not only will you feel proud of your contribution, your customers will appreciate that you have a sense of corporate responsibility too.

You’ll build a positive business reputation

Whoever you are, and whatever your business does, having a good reputation is crucial to business success. People care about the environment and are becoming increasingly aware of how responsible businesses are with regards to environmental issues. Therefore, installing solar panels can be great marketing for your business and will prove that you are making the effort to save the planet.

Moreover, everyone is getting on board with renewable energy, and reports have suggested that in the OECD countries, 80 percent of new electricity generation added between now and 2020 is expected to be renewable.

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