Systems that utilize PV and batteries have many benefits, ranging from environmental friendliness to financial savings. But when it comes to comparing them to generators people often have reservations. One area where systems that utilize PV and batteries excel is in terms of storage solutions. Batteries can protect against blackouts that occur when a whole grid goes down.

This is particularly true in areas like California where forest fires require that power must be shut off to reduce the risk of spreading the fire. In the past, a backup generator may have been the best option. But nowadays solar + storage offer a way to store power produced from the sun. This means you can store backup energy at a lower cost than generators.

Aside from this, there are many reasons that people choose solar-powered batteries over generators. Take a look at the top reasons.


1. Solar + Storage Will Save You Money

Solar + storage systems are smart devices capable of storing energy produced by your solar panels for use later. They’re cutting-edge pieces of equipment that offer energy when you need it most.

With solar + storage, you know that you’re making the most of the energy that your solar panels have created since you can draw on that stored energy later should you ever need it. This is much better for the environment since you don’t use any fossil fuels and it means that you always have your own personal store of energy.

When you consider that the sun’s energy is free and that solar panels often add value onto your home, a solar + storage system can be a cost-saving piece of equipment to have for your solar system. With tax credits available for solar energy, you can really benefit financially from adding a solar + storage system.

2. You Won’t Have to Deal With Noise

If you have a traditional fossil fuel-powered generator, you’ll know that they can be very noisy when they kick into action. While the sound can be synonymous with having more energy pumped around your home, the noise can be very annoying.

Solar + storage systems have an edge on generators in this regard because they’re completely silent. You’ll never have to worry about any loud noises that disturb your family and your neighbors with a solar + storage system, which is a massive benefit.

3. Generators Can Be Health and Safety Risks

Generators are creating electricity on-site, and this can be very dangerous in terms of the gases that the generators can emit. You can expect to have nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons floating around your garden if you use a diesel generator — and none of these gases are good for your health. In fact, generator emissions can be very unsafe if not managed properly.

On the other hand, solar + storage systems provide clean energy with no risk to your health. This makes it a much safer option to have around the home and can even save lives.

4. Solar + Storage Systems Can Instantly Turn On

Generators take a few minutes to get back on track after a power outage, however battery solar systems can powers up almost instantly. In some cases, solar + storage systems are so quick to supply the home with power that people don’t even realize that the grid went down. This means that you can carry on living your life without having to worry about being kept in the dark without access to electricity.

5. Solar + Storage Systems Require Less Upkeep

Generators are effectively miniature engines with lots going on inside to keep them in working order. Unfortunately, this means that they require a lot of maintenance. Because of the risk factor associated with the gases that they emit, these kinds of check-ups can’t be missed.

With a generator, you’ll need a specialist or a technician to inspect it every year and check that it’s running effectively and is safe to have on your property. Alternatively, solar + storage systems are very reliable and run without much maintenance.

6. Solar + Storage Systems Are More Reliable

One of the main reasons that people choose solar + storage systems is that they’re a lot more reliable than generators. With generators, once the fuel runs out the generator will no longer be able to run and can’t power your home.

Alternatively, with solar + storage systems, the inverter/charger will recharge the batteries when solar energy is available. In this sense they’re self-sufficient and a lot more reliable than storing up energy from a communal grid that may go out with no explanation.

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Solar + Storage Systems: Effective and Reliable Solutions

So there you have it. There are many reasons that solar + storage systems can be more effective than generators, and hopefully, they have made you consider this alternative form of backup energy. UMA Solar is the leading solar energy solution provider in the U.S. for residential homes and commercial buildings. We can install cutting-edge solar solutions and solar energy systems for your home that can supply the energy you need, even during a power outage.

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