Solar electric panels offer an amazing way to lower household energy bills and help tackle pressing environmental issues. Solar panels plus batteries will help protect you from; outages, grid unreliability, time of use billing, absence of net metering, utility demand charges and ZERO export policy of some utilities. All of these factors have created a tremendous emerging market in battery storage.

Today’s batteries last 10 times as compared to standard lead-based battery technology.

You’ll Get On-Demand Energy

Battery energy works by storing the energy from the solar panels in order to use it later when the sun is not out.

Instead of drawing from their grid you draw from your batteries Instead, you’ll have access to the energy you need whenever you need it with a solar battery backup.

You’ll use harvest the sun’s light more effectively and help to contribute to reduced fossil fuel energy consumption.

You’re essentially using the excess energy that was produced prior, in order to power your home when you really need it. You can match a battery storage strategy to combat the excessive rates from the utility.

Your Energy Supply Will Be More Self-Reliant

Although using energy from the grid can be a safe method to rely on, there will be times when power is down. This is especially true if you live in a remote area that is subject to weather change.

Battery storage enables you to take control of your own energy consumption so that you always have your own backup of energy when you need it. As a result, you’ll be energy self-reliant and have a bit more control over your energy supply.


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