Do you dread closing your pool when the weather turns cold? You don’t have to if you have the best solar swimming pool heater in California.

You likely know that solar panels can transfer the sun’s energy into energy for your home. More and more homeowners are turning to eco-friendly energy options because they are more budget-friendly. But did you know that solar energy can also be used to heat your pool? Here’s how a solar swimming pool heater in California can extend your swim season (you can even swim on Christmas!).

How Does A Solar Pool Heater Work?solar swimming pool heater in California

A solar swimming pool heater in California is such a simple concept and it works extremely well to keep your pool water at your ideal temperature year-round. Here’s how it works

  • Your pool’s pump pushes the water through your pool filter to strain out leaves and debris.
  • Your pool water is directed through a series of plumbing valves up to your solar collectors.
  • Water enters the collectors through the bottom of the panel and rises to the top through individual tubes.
  • The sun’s radiant energy heats the water as it gradually rises through the solar collector tubes.
  • The heated water is then returned to your pool. This cycle is repeated until your pool has been warmed to your desired temperature.

Simple, right? And the best part is there is no additional energy required. Your electric bill won’t rise above what it would take to run your pool pump. Let’s talk more about that.


Electric Vs. Solar

Electric Issues

An electric heat pump is the most common type of heating that homeowners choose to heat their pools. Swimming pool companies will encourage this heating method because it’s an upsell that looks good on paper. Why not install a heater along with the pool so that the water stays warm all year? 

The flaw in the design of an electric heater is that as the air temperature drops, the more energy it takes to heat your pool water. In the dead of winter, you could be using an exorbitant amount of energy and your water will not even get warm enough to enjoy.

Using a mid-sized pool heat pump, you can expect your electric bill to increase by at least $120 per month, and it could go as high as an extra $165 per month. No, thank you.

Solar Success

The main difference between electric and solar pool heaters is that with solar, you have no direct operational costs. Once your system has been installed, you simply need to let the sun do its job and enjoy your warm pool. 

How much your pool water is heated will depend on the weather conditions, time of year, and how much direct sunlight you get, but on average, you’ll see water temperatures up to 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit above that of an unheated pool. And your heated water will typically last twice as long as it would with an electric pool heater.

Adding a solar swimming pool heater in California could extend your pool season by a few months, or, depending on how warm you need your water to be, you may be swimming all year! 


UMA Solar Solutions

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