If you’ve been spending money heating your pool with an electric heater, stop! The best solar pool heater for California can save you money.

We all love our pools in the summer. Warm temperatures and comfortable water make fun in the sun a daily routine. When the weather turns cooler, however, we long for the warmth and relaxation that our swimming pool can provide.

You may think that an electric or gas pool heater are your only options for extending your swim season, but you have another choice. Here’s how warming your pool with the best solar pool heater for California from UMA Solar can save you money.

The Problem With Electric

When you had your pool installed, your salesperson may have suggested that you install a pool heater. What better way to keep swimming into the fall, right?

If you have an electric pool heater, you probably noticed that your electric bill goes up significantly when the weather gets cooler. That’s because it’s taking more energy to raise the temperature of your pool water. The colder the air temperature gets, the more energy you need to maintain a comfortable pool temperature.

The average yearly cost of running an electric pool heater is $840. Compare that to what you’ll pay for your solar pool heater. After installation, you’ll pay nothing. The only cost you’ll incur is what you’re paying for your pool pump that is already running to filter your water. Which would you prefer?

The Problem With Gas

Another option for heating your pool is with a gas heater. This type of heater uses fossil fuels like propane or natural gas. When you go with a gas pool heater, not only are you paying for installation, but you’re also committing to operating costs upwards of $1,700/year.

If you’re carbon conscious, consider a heating option that does not use electricity or fossil fuels. You’ll save the planet and your budget.

The Solar Solutionbest solar pool heater for California

In California, the ocean is chilly but our pools are warm. And with the best solar pool heater for California, they can stay that way through the fall and maybe longer. How do they work?

The only pieces of equipment you’ll need to add are solar collectors (commonly referred to as panels), some valves, and piping. This type of system uses the energy from your pool pump to push water through pipes up to your solar panels. There, the water is warmed by the sun before it returns to your pool. This process continues until your pool is the temperature you’re looking for.

Can you see where the savings are coming from? No operating costs. You’re only using the electricity it takes to run your pool pump. And because the cost of solar is so low, the cost of installation will be paid for in about three years!

Additional Solar Solution

Did you know that a large amount of a pool’s water is lost to evaporation? If you’ve had to drop the hose into your pool to refill it every few days, this stat will come as no surprise. Imagine how much energy it would take to warm that fresh water. Adding a solar cover to the best solar pool heater for California will not only trap the heat, but it will also keep your water from evaporating.

Let UMA Solar Help

You can learn more about all of the solar pool heating options we offer on our website. We can help you find a dealer near you for installation and support. At UMA Solar, we are the solar experts and we offer products from several manufacturers to meet your needs. Contact us today to get matched with a dealer in your area.