Solar panels can be great in any city where there’s a little bit of sunshine. However, the more sun there is, the more power you’re going to get, meaning that some cities are better than others when considering whether to install solar panels on your home or office space. Certain cities also have tax incentives and breaks to encourage locals to get solar panels installed. To make life easier, we’ve compiled a quick list of the best cities to have solar panels, so that you can decide whether installing solar panels is right for you.


Hardly surprising considering the amount of glorious, strong sunshine they get every year. The average for Honolulu is 271 days of bright sunshine per year, making it a perfect spot to set up solar panels.


A classic sunspot for tourists and locals alike. The beautiful Californian weather means that solar panels here are likely to produce a good output. Known as the golden state for its amazingly sunny weather all year round, solar panels pitched up here will produce a good amount of energy pretty much all year round.

Northern California

Perhaps not the most well known of the states that are perfect for solar panels, but with ample sunshine and perfect financing options, North Carolina is creeping up the ranks. The state is now a top ten state for solar jobs and offers discounts and incentives to encourage people to go solar.

New Jersey

Also, not a state you’d think is strong on the solar panel front, New Jersey is a great city to own solar panels. The solar incentives available mean that people can earn money each year on their solar energy output. Is there any better incentive than that?


Florida is the sunshine state, and a great city to own solar panels. The reason for this is, of course, the beautiful sunshine which gives a great return on having solar panels installed.  With great metering policies and price declines in the cost of installing and keeping solar panels, Florida still keeps its place as the solar energy capital.


Usually, a place associated with mountains and snow, Colorado isn’t usually a place you would associate with the sunshine needed to make solar panels work. However, Colorado does get sunshine and offers great tax incentives and one of the best net metering laws in the US.


Of course, this makes sense since it’s in the desert. However, Nevada has had a lot of trouble and push back from the utility commission. However, Nevada still has the highest amount of solar capacity per capita.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Are you feeling inspired to learn more about solar panels? Maybe you live in one of these states and want to install them as a way to help the planet and save some money. Or you might live outside the above states, but are interested to know if having solar panels at your current location would work. Head over to our blog for more insights or get in touch to find out more.

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