Georgia Solar Pool Heating

Considering investing in solar upgrades to your home in Georgia? Solar pool heating is a great place to start. Download your free guide to learn more about the costs and benefits of Georgia solar pool heating and how to get started.

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Solar Pool Heating in Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Solar pool heating is not only more eco-friendly than traditional fossil-fuel pool heating, but it also requires no additional costs after the initial investment of installation and materials.

Learn more about the costs and benefits of solar pool heating.

A. Our solar pool heating panels have an industry-leading, exclusive product warranty up to 12 years.

Learn more about the lifespan of solar pool heating panels.

A. Solar pool heating is much simpler than you may think!

First, your solar panels absorb the sun’s energy to heat up water inside the system.

Then, the system pumps out heated water to mix with the water that’s currently in your pool, slowly heating it up to your desired temperature.

Once the desired temperature has been reached, the system continues to pump out heated water to maintain the comfortable status of your pool year round!

Learn more about how solar pool heating works.

Why Make the Investment?

Costs and Benefits of Georgia Solar Pool Heating

Extend Your Pool Season

Double the length of your swim season with solar pool heating and swim nearly all year long!

Enjoy $0 Down Financing

Feel the financial impact right away with $0 down and an overall average cost of $5,500.

Experience Warmer Pool Water

Add 10-13° to your pool’s water temperature and keep your swimmers more comfortable in the pool year-round!

Solar Pool Heating in Georgia

Benefits of Choosing Solar Pool Heating

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Longer pool seasons

Self-contained solar pool heating systems continuously cycle warm water into your pool so you can swim nearly all year long!

Keep your pool warmer

Solar pool heating adds 10-13° to your water temperature, keeping your family and guests comfortable whenever you decide to take a dip!

No operating costs

Our systems are built to last, backed with a 12-Year Warranty* to give you peace of mind. After your initial investment, the only additional cost to your utility bill is running a pool pump at a fraction of the cost.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike other forms of energy, solar pool heating systems emit no air pollution and reduce your carbon footprint. Go green with a new solar pool heater!

Simple functionality

No internal controls, wiring or moving parts. Solar pool heating systems can stand up to a wide range of pH and pool water chemistry.

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