SPHERE, The Ultimate Cohesive Eco-System

Save time, reduce installation issues, and provide a sleek finish by using SPHERE
on all of your solar pool heating installations.

SPHERE reduces installation time and complexity by up to 2 hours,
resulting in fewer manhours and mistakes on every job.

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Visually Pleasing

Pool owners will enjoy a more visually pleasing product from the same manufacturer as their solar pool heating collectors. Together, SPHERE and the solar pool heating collectors form a cohesive ecosystem to provide trouble-free pool heating at zero operating cost.

Weather Resistance

Efficiency at Its Finest

  • Factory-built solar pool heating interconnection unit that takes the place of field-installed plumbing at the equipment pad
  • 2” Sch. 40 PVC plumbing
  • Union fitting connections
  • Check valve
  • Non-positive seal 3-way diverter valve with actuator motor
  • Pre-installed water temperature sensor with included roof temperature sensor
  • Pressure tested to guarantee zero leaks
  • Easily mount to a wall or stand with the included mounting bracket.
  • Sleek enclosure hides all plumbing components
  • Magnetically secured access panel provided quick, tool-less access
  • Ready to connect to any solar pool heating controller or pool automation system
  • Reduces 12+ plumbing connections to four
  • Estimated time savings of 2+ hours to reduce installation times and manhours
  • Onboard, proprietary controller to be available soon
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