If you’re considering solar heating for your pool, you may wonder if solar panels damage roofs. You’re probably also looking to save money rather than spend it on repairs to your roof. If (like many of us) you’ve heard some horror stories that solar panels will damage your roof, then you’re probably a little nervous about installing solar pool heating.

However, the risk of damage is absolutely no reason to be put off of solar pool heating. As one of the most cost-effective, eco-friendly and safe methods of pool heating, you don’t want to be missing out – even if you’re concerned that solar panels may damage the roof. To set the record straight, we’re answering the most frequently asked questions when it comes to roof damage and solar panels. Take a look!

Do Solar Panels Damage Roofs?

In short—no, solar panels won’t damage roofs. When installed correctly, solar pool heating and solar panels won’t damage a roof. In fact, they may even protect it from excessive sunlight as the solar panels sit on top and absorb the sun.

A common concern for people on whether or not solar panels damage roofs is usually the holes in the roof that secure the panels. These are for lag bolts that secure the panels to the roof and ensure that the solar panels are safe and sturdy. However, the holes in the roof shouldn’t worry you.

When installed correctly, the bolt fixture will be filled with flashing, which is a shield that sits under the roof tile and stops water going through the hole. The area around the lag bolt is also filled with sealant to protect any water seeping through. Therefore, when installed by solar pool heating experts, you won’t have to worry if your solar panels will damage the roof.

People also sometimes worry about the weight of solar panels on the roof, thinking that their roof won’t be able to hold the weight. In reality, this needn’t be a concern as roofs can easily hold 30+ solar panels. So you can rest easy and enjoy your heated pool knowing your solar panels won’t damage your roof.

Will Solar Panels Cause Leaks?

As mentioned previously, this is one of the main concerns on if solar panels damage roofs and the answer is no. When installed correctly, solar pool heating won’t cause a leak in your roof. The solar pool heating industry doesn’t have an issue with leaks, and the rare cases of leaks are normally caused by a lack of care on the owners’ part, extreme weather conditions or a roof that was weak to start with.

So why do some people find that their solar panels can damage their roof?

In cases where roof leaks do occur, it’s normally due to an old system that hasn’t been replaced or maintained or a roof that was already very weak. A reputable solar heating specialist will always assess the condition on your roof and offer the best solution for you.

Sometimes, solar panels damage roofs when homeowners don’t check their solar pool heating systems for years and years! This allows the bolts to weaken and give way for water to seep through, so the solar panels damage the roof. Another common human error is not checking the maintenance of solar pool heating systems, and therefore missing when plumbing and panels may have moved and rubbed or have caused holes. Luckily, all of these risks can be mitigated with proper maintenance and care.

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