If you’re thinking of investing in solar pool heating, you may be asking: how long do solar panels last? Solar energy is a massive long-term commitment and whilst it’s almost guaranteed to save you money overall, solar panels can be costly to set up.

Without fully understanding the long-term benefits, it can be hard to see why it’s worth spending that upfront money on solar panels. To help you make sense of the investment over a longer period, we’re looking at how long solar pool panels last and why they can be such a great investment over time.


How Long Do Solar Pool Panels Last?

It’s a tricky question, as it depends on a few factors. These include:

  • Where you live
  • How well they are looked after
  • What brand they are
  • How they are fitted initially

However, regardless of these factors, most solar panels can be expected to live up to 25 years. In fact, most solar panels will last a lot longer than that and with the right maintenance can flourish for years after their expected life term. 


Why Do People Choose Solar Pool Panels?

Their life span definitely contributes to the reasons that people choose them so often. With a minimum 10-year warranty on all of our solar pool heating systems, our systems are designed to last a lot longer. Plus, studies show that the lifespan of solar panels is often a lot longer than the warranty. An NREL study recently showed that nearly 80 percent of solar panels last longer than their warranty.

With low costs of operation and proven reliability, our solar pool heating systems are the smart choice for pool owners worldwide. Although the upfront cost is more, you save a lot of money over time without doing anything from the point of installation.


Why Would Solar Panels Not Last?

In the cases where solar panels don’t last, there are a few obvious reasons for that. Here are the main reasons that solar panels don’t last their average lifespan of around 25 years.


Extreme Weather

We’re not just talking about the odd winter storm here and there. We mean hurricanes and deadly storms that some areas in the US are prone to. In extreme weather conditions, no area of the home is safe from damage—and that includes solar panels.


Lack Of Care

Another reason solar panels can die earlier than they should is a lack of care. For the most part, solar panels don’t need much looking after. However, if they’re damaged they’ll need urgent repair, so it’s important that you check in on them every now and again to see if they need any repair work.


Bad Fittings From Rogue Dealers

Last but not least, a prominent reason that solar pool panels will have issues is rogue fittings. When pool water is involved, it’s essential that everything is sealed tight and fitted correctly. Make sure you give your solar panels the best chance of survival by buying from our legitimate solar panel dealers.

Are you thinking of investing in solar panels for your pool? Find out what you need to consider before choosing your solar pool heating over on our blog.

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