How a Solar Cover Can Aid Solar Panel Efficiency

If you’re considering purchasing a swimming pool, or are lucky enough to already own one, you’ll probably be aware of solar covers. They’re part and parcel of maintaining a pool. And they’re worth the investment, adding greatly to the efficiency of solar panels in pool heating systems.


What is a solar cover?

A solar cover is a sheet of plastic that effectively acts as a blanket for your pool. Around 75% of heat loss from a swimming pool is due to evaporation from the surface, so acting as a barrier between the pool and the atmosphere, a solar cover greatly reduces heat loss by evaporation.

Most solar covers last up to three years and are available in many forms—even ‘liquid blankets’ that operate in the same way as solar covers but in a less-hazardous form.


Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar covers help to maximize the heat from the sun, which warms pool water to a certain degree. However, a solar pool heating system, in conjunction with a solar cover, can enhance this natural process even further.

In a solar pool heating system, pool water is pumped through a series of valves into solar collectors. Rising from the bottom of the collectors, the water is heated by the sun’s energy. Nice and warm, the water then runs back to the pool. The cycle repeats until the pool has reached a certain temperature. The swimming season just got longer!


Solar Panel Efficiency

A solar pool heating system is far more effective when used in collaboration with a solar cover. As explained earlier, a cover can harness the sun’s heating energy by stopping evaporation. This means that the starting temperature of the pool water is already warmer than it would be without a cover. In turn, when pumped into the solar collectors, less energy is needed to heat the water to the desired temperature. The solar panel system becomes much more efficient – it’s all about energy usage.

With both a solar cover and a solar panel heating system, your pool reaches perfect swimming temperature quicker and stays warmer longer.


How to Get a Solar Pool Heating System

Our systems aren’t associated with any of the high maintenance costs that come with other pool heating systems. There are no moving parts, making them very durable, and they also come with a minimum ten-year warranty.

Unlike gas and electric pool heaters, solar panel heating systems are rarely replaced and, most importantly, require far less energy to run. So there’s no need to worry where being environmentally friendly is concerned.

There are plenty of different systems to choose from that will keep your pool warm…

With a balance between design, excellence and durability, the Heliocol heating systems can accommodate both residential and commercial pools. They have a patented tube design that has ensured high-quality heating for more than 40 years. SunStar heating systems also have state-of-the-art panels that ‘float’ above the roof thanks to their mounting system. This can really help keep the panels clean and dry.

And if you’re slightly worried about attaching panels to your roof, SunValue heating systems require fewer actual penetrations into the roof during installation.  This is because of its lightweight design. Whatever the specification, a solar heating system can really maximize the value of your pool—especially when also used with a solar cover!

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